Natural Ways to Treat Diabetes

These days, there are a number of proposed remedies out there that can could reduce the symptoms of diabetes or eliminate the disease altogether. Learning about these natural treatments has helped many people who suffer from diabetes–which is about 8.3% of the population. Here are some of the diet plans and supplements that could help you to be free of diabetes and live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  Another fact friendly approach to diabetes courtesy of Sell Diabetic Test Strips!


Grain-Free Diet

It is believed that not eating grains will keep your glycemic index low, which will prevent your blood sugar from spiking. You can get your fiber from fruits and vegetables, which will also provide your body with the vitamins and minerals necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dairy is permitted on grain-free diets, as it helps to stabilize your blood sugar and supply your body with calcium. However, it’s best to eat all-natural yogurt or sugar-free varieties. Adding a fresh fruit with the yogurt make a great healthy breakfast or a fulfilling snack.

Specialty grain-free diets like the Paleo diet are also helpful for individuals with diabetes. The diet is very high in protein, which is especially necessary for diabetics as it helps with digestion, blood sugar processing and the proper development and function of muscles and nerves.



Chromium is a supplement that helps to balance blood sugar. It should be taken after meals to aid with proper digestion. Chromium also helps with weight management, since it helps the body to metabolize fat. Since a number of people with diabetes also suffer from high blood pressure, taking a chromium supplement every day can keep the blood pressure within healthy range. Diabetics who are having cravings for unhealthy foods like sweets or bread can also benefit from chromium, as the supplement naturally reduces these cravings.


Black Seed

According to the Natural News website, black seed is a miracle that can cure virtually anything. The remedy has been used for more than 2,000 years and helps to improve the function of the pancreas, which is vital for diabetes patients.

You should take 6 teaspoons of the oil three times a day during the first 7 days of treatment. Then the oil must be taken in 2-tablespoon dosages twice in the morning and twice in the evening for 4 days. Follow this by taking two teaspoons of black oil for two days. Mix the oil with fruit juice and drink lots of water while taking the natural supplement. Black oil can also be rubbed on the body to reduce inflammation. This treatment is said to increase energy, balance blood sugar and eliminate swelling while promoting circulation.



Fenugreek is an herb that immediately lowers blood sugar and is best taken immediately after a meal. The herb is also rich in fiber, which is definitely helpful for diabetics, as this helps with weight management. It’s important, however, to remember not to take any other medicines at the same time as fenugreek. Wait at least two hours before taking another medication after taking fenugreek. The supplement has been known to cause constipation and shortness of breath; be sure to stop taking the supplement right away if these side effects occur.



The Cancer Tutor website asserts that half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day will help to soften the cell membranes. Cinnamon acts the same way that insulin does, so if you have to inject insulin, you can delay the injection by adding cinnamon to your diet. A report on the Natural News states that cinnamon can lower glucose by 18 percent. The herb can be added to foods like warm or cold cereal, or a dash or two can go in coffee or tea.

These are just a few of the natural ways that you can treat diabetes every day. These treatments should be followed every day for best results. Of course, a vigorous exercise program will also help to stabilize blood sugar and prevent you from gaining excess weight. Before starting any new treatments for diabetes, be sure to talk your plans over with your doctor. You’ll need to make sure that the supplements or diet changes you’re considering will not negatively interfere with your diabetes medication of insulin injections. Through simple lifestyle changes, you may find that your diabetes is soon a thing of the past.

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