Holiday Diabetic Friendly Foods

With this holiday season upon us, homes will be busy baking, cooking, and deep frying all those holiday favorites. Makes your mouth water thinking about it huh? Although this is a time for feasting and family, there is a certain group of people whose needs are often forgotten about. The diabetics! Although a lot of foods made are diabetic friendly, there are quite a few that aren’t, especially all of those mouth watering desserts! Here are some recipe ideas for some yummy treats for that diabetic in your life, to ensure they also get the most out of this holiday meal.


Let’s start with a good one.. a dessert! Chocolate cloud cake, doesn’t the name sound amazing? This diabetic food is very low in carbs, averaging only 15 per slice. There is only 120 in the entire cake! This is also with using only natural sugars and no sweeteners. The recipe is very easy to follow as well and only requires a few simple ingredients. A great diabetic food choice! The recipe is on numerous online sites, so it will be of no issue to find and prepare for this upcoming holiday meal.


Another good choice for a diabetic meal, is butternut squash soup. This has an amazing taste and will last for a few meals, or trips to the serving area! Having only 17 carbs a cup, this is a smart and safe choice for those who want that warm soup during the cold weather. Only seven ingredients are needed to make this delicious meal as well! A great alternative for a diabetic food during meal times. The recipe is also easy to ollow, and can be sound on many recipe sites.


A great side dish option, is a diabetic version of potato and green bean salad. This diabetic food boasts amazing flavors, and is a dish for everyone to enjoy! Only 20 carbs in an entire cup of this tasty side dish. If it is truly loved, this recipe could also be made as a diabetic meal, since it has such a diverse blend of healthy vegetables for the diet. And the best part, it only takes five ingredients! Very cost conscious as well as filling! Alternate this for a normal thanksgiving side for all to enjoy!


Southwestern fried green tomatoes is a rich, tasteful choice as well. A southern dish that has gained in popularity all over the nation, this superb dish has minimal carbs and a flavor that is indescribable! There are a lot of spices in the recipe, but don’t let that scare you out of giving this a try. The blend of spices mixed with the vegetables gives an end product that isn’t spicy at all! Very healthy as well, and fulfilling, this could also be made as a diabetic meal for those non holiday occasions.


Lastly, zucchini frittata is another delicious side that can also be used as an everyday diabetic meal. This recipe only has 10 grams of carbs per serving, and is extremely easy to prepare. Only eight ingredients go in to the frittata and the taste will have you forgetting that it is nearly carb free! This recipe is found on numerous diabetic food sites, and should be given a try!


Comfort foods and holidays go hand in hand. These simple recipes will give the diabetic in your family a better option of choices, and will leave them feeling full and satisfied. These great recipes are great for everyone in the family as well, and will help make those who have to do without some treats feel more at home. Give these easy recipes a whirl this season, it will be a decision that everyone will love!

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