Diabetes on a Leash

The Leash

The sole desire to escape the reality of such undesirable living and consequences that are extremely fatal, is to forsake our fears and become even a few feet away from the carefree life, yet in some cases that chain that we are are trying to lock something up with, continuously becomes rusted and out of our capabilities of usage. This is what we are trying to get a handle over and our stress and frustration beside rising levels of disappointment can be relieved with just seven steps back into the light that we seek so much to kill for….





The first step you want to take… can be the most difficult unfortunately, but with the correct form of motivation that falls on a structure of pure resistance, this can be achieved. You as this person, have to understand that this commitment has to remain strong, because it is not going to be handed to you. It is simple, yet not passing this step can make this journey exponentially difficult and overbearing. You want to began to establish an extremely firm agreement with yourself in order to achieve your goal and to keep it constant. Ready your mind set here and now at this moment to stick like glue to this plan set. The reader, do it now, show that you are ready to commit, do not continue if you feel any hint of doubt that you will not stay firm. You must stay strong and be strong willed, because in the end… you will be rewarded and you will not stand in a terminal mindset of reality…

Understanding and Accepting

It is now, the time to completely comprehend the concept of the nature of your predator. Know and be fully knowledged of the consequences that are potential, and review them, as difficult I know it is, but it is mandatory before continuing to complete this step for the round off. When you are faced with this type of reality, you must know what you are dealing with, the intellect that you are faced with is extremely beneficial to further your decisions and to create an even deeper motivation which will allow for your determination to grow. Keep this knowledge in mind as you continue your journey.


Purge The Cabinets of Temptation

After completing and establishing that chain on your predator, and realizing this is what you want to do, you must take the next step and secure it. These are mental innovations, recreated in order to get to that place of where you know you want to be. Empathy is the best sort of compassionate knowledge. You will need to understand that when you have certain types of tempting items and delicacies lying around, this can cause you to consider your established connection. You definitely do not want this under any circumstances. So you must now go to your kitchen and start the process of purging in a sense of pureness towards your inner being. Do not regret, do not detain your actions, know that these steps will save some years, and family member worry and heartache. You are the virtue, and you must rid the depths of temptation into nothing…


Squeeze Tight On The Leash: FOOD

Food is the COMPLETE structure of living in all cases. Yet it is vital to remember after purging, to re establish your hunger into the pit of something we call healthy eating. This is the basis of your step, and yet one of the most ridiculously important sets of this entire journey. You must learn to regulate, and situate the entire plan. BUT if you do not have the strength to do so, then there are plenty of plans for your targeted diet that you are able to easily follow along (remember to keep the motivation) and to consistently work with. Do not be discouraged, all the delicacies (sugar) of this time will definitely NOT be deprived of your diet, you will need some of these, they are in fact just as vital as not having them at all.


Choosing Your Diet Plan

Once you complete the action of actually understanding your goal of food, it is time to put your foot down on your predator whilst gripping the chain tighter. Because if you are at this step you are becoming stronger and can finally rely on yourself to fall backwards. Different diet plans can be of pleasantry, keep it cheap if you cannot afford yet still very effective, keep it simple and eloquent in quality regardless if you can afford or you can’t. If you cannot afford to even think about this step to buy the things that you need for your selective diet plan, then take a step back to research plans that are dirt cheap, yet still can be adjustable. You will need to be able to regulate sugar so make sure when choosing, having a glucose meter alongside or a similar tool…

Bringing The Works

Now that the predator has been suppressed, completely constricting the chains, it will not resist because this is the step to get it under complete control. It will be wrapped around your finger and after all these years of wear and tear its finally time to take control of this beast. If you have made it this far… reader… I congratulate you, but now you must physically move your entire body, and what I mean is exercise. Walking is the most simplest and it is open to many great factors to enjoy it. You can create a hot spot that you can call as your own and walk around and through it everyday. Music can make this action more enjoyable also, bring along a listening device and this will cause your thoughts to flow also releasing stress, tension and other pessimistic factors. Once you have found a love in walking for about fifteen minutes everyday, then it is set.  Remember you can always get cash for test strips here!


Enclose The Glory

You are officially a warrior, you have succeeded in taking these steps, forming them and constructing them to your advantage. You have also completed the opportunity of completely suppressing the predator but now you must keep the constant motivation ongoing… I salute you.

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