Dealing With a Diabetes Diagnosis

If you have just recently been diagnosed with diabetes, there is no doubt that there are several questions going through your mind about what this diagnosis means for you. In addition, you are probably wondering if you will still be able to do all the things that you have loved doing your entire life as well as how it will impact your family. You are probably also fearful for your long-term prognosis and you probably have a number of questions regarding the best way to deal with the disease from this point forward. All of these things are valid questions and they all deserve a thorough answer.


The first thing that you need to understand as a diabetic is that the disease does not have to take over control of your life. Many people live with diabetes and do so successfully, still living out their goals and dreams. In fact, many of these individuals are living with the disease and managing it successfully so that only their closest friends and their relatives are aware that they had the disease in the first place. Therefore, your first step in managing this disease is to realize that the worst case scenarios that you have likely read about are exactly that. With proper management, you can live a long and relatively healthy life with diabetes. It simply requires that you exercise more diligence than individuals who are not diagnosed with the disease.


The prognosis for a person with diabetes depends largely on how early the disease was caught and what type, if any, damage has been done by the disease up to this point. While it is true that there are many complications that can potentially arise from diabetes, such as amputated limbs, blindness and heart disease, it is important to realize that the reason that these complications arise is because the disease is not being managed successfully to begin with. As a result, you can avoid many of these complications, as well as the fear of kidney failure, by working with your doctor to find treatments that work well for you and being diligent about carrying out those treatments on a regular basis. Living a healthier lifestyle and monitoring your health closely will go a long way toward improving your long-term prognosis dramatically. Many people who are diagnosed with diabetes early on in their lives go on to live a relatively normal life well into their later years.


You are likely worried that your personal life will have to change as a result of this diagnosis. In a sense, it will have to change. You will now be responsible for monitoring your health and managing your weight. You will have to change the way that you eat and make sure that you exercise regularly and take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. You will also have to monitor your blood sugar levels routinely. Aside from those things, your life is likely to remain largely unchanged. It sounds like a lot when you are first diagnosed, but as you learn to manage the disease better it will become more a part of your daily routine than anything else. You will still be able to do most of the things that you enjoy and you can still lead an exceptionally active and fulfilling life.


Just as you will still be able to enjoy your personal life, you can still enjoy time spent with your family and friends. Make no mistake about it, a diagnosis of diabetes affects the entire family because everyone that is close to you is affected when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. However, it can be used as a catalyst to bring the family closer and help you to enjoy doing things together even more than you did in the past. As family members become more accustomed to the way that you are dealing with the disease, it will likely become much easier for everyone involved.


Management of the disease is crucial in order to continue living a normal life. For the most part, individuals who find themselves in trouble as a result of being diabetic do so because they have failed to successfully manage the disease as it progressed. You cannot cure diabetes but you can live with it and you can do so effectively. However, failing to take the disease seriously and neglecting to manage diabetes can lead to substantial complications that can rob you of the things you enjoy most and can even result in death. As a result, it is vitally important that you not ignore the disease out of defiance but accept the fact that you are diabetic and deal with successfully managing your diabetes each and every day.

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